what is sandyctseng.com?

Nothing in particular. I registered this domain name and webspace as a placeholder in 2009. Nearly a decade later (April 2018), on a whim, I decided to start adding content. This is basically a repository of miscellaneous information that I personally find interesting and that I want to document for reference later. If someone else in the www also finds utility in any of it, that'd be a bonus. I aspire for this website to be like one of my favs, Wayne Schmidt's This and That.

sandyctseng.com in its current state begins with my experiments in frying cheese curds. Other topics you might find covered here:

I apologize in advance for typos and what you might perceive as poor writing. I'm basically just spewing out words as I think them.

how to make contact

Please direct all comments and inquiries to: mail@sandyctseng.com.