Intro to the Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System (CP307)

Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System (CP307)
Ninja sitting next to our Virtuoso+, who is not pictured.

We’ve enjoyed many a brew from this Ninja, but have really stopped using it since we got our Chemex 6-cup Classic Pour-over gung. The brews are just flat-out BETTER in all ways except convenience from the Chemex pour-over coffeemaker. Anyway, this post wasn’t written to shit on the Ninja. I just wanted a convenient place to reference the approximate brew volumes in grams for each of the Ninja’s settings.

Cup Type ‘Classic’ Mode ‘Rich’ Mode
Cup 269 247
XL Cup 326 292
Travel Mug 397 374
XL Multi-Serve 510 454
Specialty Mode 113 113
Approximate brew volumes (in grams) from the manual that came with our Ninja.

I haven’t measured the actual amounts and don’t know if there’s a listed approximate brew volume for the carafe and 1/2 carafe setting… Maybe I’ll update this post later with that information (empirically determined) if I get that bored later… 🙂


Can we take a moment…

Is this a tattoo gung?
Brandywine gunga!

And appreciate how kickass the art is on Brandywine’s coffee??? -ST