Drew Estate – trying something new

Cigar prices sure have come up. This one stood out for a nice looking wrap at a value price. My expectation was a leisurely, easy going cigar and I think they hit it.

AJ Fernández New World Cameroon

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5K Oliva

BF enjoys a good stogie after a well run race. We ran the Lake Monona 5K, which was our first race of the year and in many months. Purchased four cigars from Knuckleheads on State St. and enjoyed two of ’em on the porch. See also Aruban Weather. -ST

Aruban Weather

Box of Montecristo Classic Especial No. 3s
Box at the store

Windy. Hot. Nice day.

Great coupon ($25 off $50 purchase) at Knuckleheads on State St.

My first stogie review. -ST

Oliva Serie V Maduro

Finishing up from the event at Tasting Room


BF’s Favorite To Date

After a harrowing Bill’s playoff game, we enjoyed some sweet, sweet stogies out on the porch. Warmed by rum, whiskey, and victory, 30F was quite comfortable. Or, maybe the piles of snow formed a protective igloo-type nest. This Plasencia stogie is Brandon’s fav to date. -SCT