Wilton Benitez Pink Bourbon

Another Friday, another great Wilton Benitez coffee to review.

– BF

Rogue Wave Benjamin Paz – La Orquidea | Honey

Up early, making coffee and checking the weather.

Rogue Wave Ana Doney Natural Anaerobic

Returning to reviewing on a morning with tired legs and cool new stuff from Rogue Wave


Hacienda Sonora SL-28 Redux

Coming back to this one two years later and I like it even better now.

Cookie’s Caffe Cerro Dragon Gesha

Should have reviewed one of these Cookie’s coffees earlier, this is our second shipment from them.


Rogue Wave Granja Paraiso ’92 Washed Anaerobic

Messed it up yesterday because the scale died, dialing it in closer today. It’s electric!


Stone Creek Kilowatt Rwanda

SuperbOwl planning engaged


JBC Cerro Azul Gesha

Happy mug for Sandy

Brandywine El Mirador – Carbonic Maceration

Time to get back into writing these up.


Vibrant Luis Alberto Balladarez SL34 Natural

Time to go to Texas!